Avoiding Future Roof Problems

It can be costly to install or repair your commercial roof. If you invest in your commercial roof, why not keep your roof maintained long-term to avoid leaks and weather damage?

At Green Roofing and Construction, we work with our customers to give them a reliable commercial roof system and further more maintain their roof system to save money in the future.  

It can be alarming when a commercial roof springs a leak and you have no idea where it is leaking from and how much more damage it is causing every time it rains or gets windy. 

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Why Roofs Leak

Roofs can leak for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons are: poor design, insufficient drainage, material damage, membrane damage, flashing damage, improper sealing, and old age. Preventative maintenance plans can make sure your building stays dry inside. 

Maintenance Services

  • Leak Repair
  • Storm Damage
  • Emergency Maintenance and Repair
  • Debris Removal and Power Washing
  • Preventative Maintenance Service Packages
  • Roof Inspection Reports
  • Infrared Roof Surveys  

We Inspect 

  • Roof
  • Seams
  • Flashings
  • Roof Top Units
  • Drain Baskets
  • Gutters