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New Skylight Installation

Adding a new skylight to your home can save you money by using the natural, outdoor light instead of electricity to brighten your home. Natural light in your home will increase its value and creates a beautiful look that cannot be replicated by any light bulb. With new energy-efficient skylight solutions, you can rest assured that your new skylights will filter out heat and leave you with only beautiful, natural light.

While the addition of skylights can be done at any time, is often best done while you are re-roofing your home. This allows the roof’s structure to be adjusted to the new skylights, then the new roof can be constructed around it. Don’t forget to consider adding skylights whenever you roof your home.

The professionals at Green Roofing & Construction are fully trained in the complexities of skylight installation. We will ensure that your skylights are installed properly and the roof around it is sealed properly to prevent leaks in the future.

Repair Leaking Skylights

One of the most common places we see leaks is on, or around, skylights when they are improperly installed, or the materials used are past their expected lifespan. Additionally, hail damage can create holes in skylights that leak water into your building. Often, repairs to skylights are simple, but occasionally they need to be replaced entirely. CallGreen Roofing & Construction today to learn about your options for your leaking skylight or the ability for new skylight installation.



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