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 Storm Damaged Roofing

Act Quickly To Avoid More Problems

As you probably know, hail and high winds are very common in our area. You may have even had multiple hail or high wind events that have damaged your home. You probably also know that insurance companies are hesitant to pay for subsequent damage to your home if you do not act to secure your property as quickly as possible. This may mean that you need to have emergency or temporary repairs done to your home shortly after the storm has passed.Green Roofing & Construction has the experience to walk you through the entire process of getting your home back into shape quickly and with the least amount of resistance.

 Storm Damaged Roofing

Let Green Roofing & Construction Help

We do not recommend that you risk your own well-being by climbing on your roof to assess or try to begin hail damage repair. Roof repair is a dangerous business and we have years of experience, and we adhere to safety standards that keep our employees safe while working on any roof. Your life is simply not worth saving money.

 Storm Damaged Roofing

We Will Work With Your Insurance Company

Green Roofing & Construction has a plethora of experience working with most insurance companies and we are happy to work with yours, on your behalf, to ensure that you receive the funding necessary to return your home to a working state. In fact, this is one of our specialties. This allows you to get back to your normal routine and leave all of the worry to us.

If your roof has damage from hail or high wind, call Green Roofing & Construction immediately, so we can assess the damage and offer solutions that make sense.


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